O cuidado em identificar pontos críticos no novo modelo estrutural aqui preconizado talvez venha a ressaltar a relatividade…

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About us

The BioChaves is a research working group on biometrics. It is composed by researchers, undergraduate and graduate students that, since 2000, share common interest on biometrics, signal processing and pattern recognition. The BioChaves' laboratory is in the Federal University of Sergipe (UFS), quite far from most industrialized centers in Brazil (~2000 Km away from São Paulo), but the working group members also share the believe that biometrics is such a rich research subject, in terms of applied mathematics, that it can be developed almost everywhere, under quite mild requirements such as access to books and papers, computers and signal acquisition devices. At UFS, the BioChaves Group is more closely supported by the Electrical Engineering Department (DEL).

O Grupo

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Projetos desenvolvidos

Post semanais sobre os projetos que estão sendo desenvolvidos pelo grupo.

At first, we sample in the ( is odd) equidistant points around :     where is some…

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