In this page, examples of speech samples generated with a body-cover model of vocal folds with a polyp, presented in Santos et al. [1], are available. The dataset with all signals generated are also available to download.

Examples of normal samples:

  • Female:
  • Male:

Examples of polyp samples:

  • Female:
  • Male:


Download samples:

To download all the normal samples: click here.

To download all the polyp samples: click here.



[1] J. Santos, J. Montalvão, and I. Santos, “Improved model for vocal folds with a polyp with potential application,” in Interspeech, Shanghai, China, 2020.
title={Improved Model for Vocal Folds with a Polyp with Potential Application},
author={Santos, J\^onatas and Montalv\~ao, Jugurta and Santos, Israel},
address={Shanghai, China},
About the Author

Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering (Masters Degree) and Graduated in Electronic Engineering at Federal University of Sergipe - Brazil. Interested in Computational Modelling, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Processing of Speech and Patterns Recognition. Nowadays develops a research, computational models of voice production mechanisms.

Research Topics: Computational Modelling, Digital Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Voice and Speech Signal Processing, Voice Quality.

About the Author

Bachelor's at Engenharia Elétrica from Universidade Federal da Paraíba (1992), master's at Electric Engineering from Universidade Estadual de Campinas (1995) and doctorate at Automatique Et Traitement Du Signal from Université Paris-Sud 11 (2000). Has experience in Computer Science, acting on the following subjects: biometria, reconhecimento de padrões, clustering, processamento de sinais de voz and estimação de densidade de probabilidade.

About the Author

Undergraduate Student in Electronic Engineering at Federal University of Sergipe - Brazil.

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